Until recently, in orthodontic practice, the installation of removable orthodontic plates on teeth was quite popular for addressing various bite issues, correcting jaw shape, and treating other anomalies. However, recent research has shown that removable orthodontic devices are relatively ineffective. Today, they are only used in some uncomplicated cases.

That’s why at the Yarema Dental dental clinic, we prefer non-removable orthodontic appliances. After installation, patients wear them continuously, which is due to their high precision and complex construction.

Non-removable orthodontic plates have a consistent, optimal force of action on the jaw, are smaller in size compared to removable alternatives, and provide necessary expansion of the upper jaw bone. Due to the essential characteristics of such plates, long-lasting effects are achieved within a relatively short treatment period, which the doctor determines individually, after thorough diagnosis.

Main Reasons for Installing Orthodontic Plates

Insufficient development of the upper jaw can lead to a range of associated problems. This includes a lack of the necessary bony framework for facial muscles and skin, resulting in the formation of facial wrinkles and folds, a double chin, and dark circles under the eyes. It can also lead to the inadequacy of the patient’s airways, causing stooped posture, snoring, and sleep apnea.
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When the upper jaw is underdeveloped, the lower jaw may assume an incorrect position. In such cases, patients may face facial asymmetry, a skewed chin, and the formation of a double chin. Another unpleasant consequence could be temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems such as pain, clicking, and other noises in the jaw joint during mouth opening and closing. Postural problems, accompanied by headaches and neck pain, should not be overlooked either.

Upon identifying even one of these symptoms, it is essential to seek professional advice and have non-removable orthodontic appliances installed on your teeth. These appliances can help you to:

  • Correct the shape and size of the upper jaw;
  • Speed up or slow down the formation of the jaw and growth of individual teeth;
  • Stabilize teeth in an anatomically correct position;
  • Move teeth for proper alignment;
  • Expand or increase the palate;
  • Stimulate the growth of a specific area of the jaw.

This is far from an exhaustive list of the advantages of using non-removable orthodontic appliances, which we install for our patients at the Yarema Dental dental clinic in Kyiv.

Types of Orthodontic Plates for Different Age Groups

Depending on the patient’s age, we offer different types of non-removable orthodontic plates. For the treatment of young children, we use appliances similar to “Haas” devices with support on baby teeth, provided that the root length is sufficient.
For older children, especially during the period when their bite is still forming, as well as for treating adolescents, we prefer appliances with skeletal anchorage. They are secured using so-called “pins” (mini-implants), do not overload permanent teeth, and are effective in influencing the jawbone, which is almost finished growing at this time. Appliances with support on teeth are generally ineffective at this age.

In adulthood, when the bone is fully formed, we use appliances with skeletal anchorage and surgical palatal expansion to achieve the desired results.

It’s worth noting that in 95% of cases, non-removable plates for upper jaw expansion are installed with special functional overlays. At the Yarema Dental clinic, we create these overlays based on individual indicators, considering the position of the temporomandibular joint, both in children and adults. These overlays are vital in the treatment process because maxillofacial pathologies in the transverse (horizontal) plane always hide problems in the vertical dimension of the jaw. It’s these issues that overlays correct.

For gnathological patients, regardless of age, such overlays are custom-made after splint therapy.

What Affects the Effectiveness of Plate Correction?

The effectiveness of orthodontic plate treatment can be influenced by various factors, including the doctor’s professionalism, the patient’s age, the degree of malocclusion, enamel sensitivity, and gum health.
At the Yarema Dental dental clinic in Kyiv, we use only modern approaches and methods of orthodontic treatment, high-tech equipment, and innovative materials. Consult our specialists, and they will determine the most effective treatment method based on your age, the complexity of the pathology, and individual characteristics and preferences.

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