With age, our face changes. And sometimes the condition of the teeth and bite plays a crucial role in this. In particular, we’re talking about wear, crowding, and loss of teeth. Bruxism or teeth grinding, which is very common today due to the chronic stress experienced by Ukrainians, also affects the appearance of the face. Additionally, unsuccessful orthodontic, orthopedic, and therapeutic treatment leads to the so-called forced position of the lower jaw, which shifts backward or sideways. As a result – the lower third of the face shortens, the chin skews, wrinkles and a double chin appear, hypertonus of muscles, etc. All of this intensifies the age-related manifestations on the face.

Often, patients try to get rid of these manifestations and turn to cosmetologists and plastic surgeons, hoping that “beauty injections” and plastic surgery can restore their youthful facial appearance. However, they are fighting the consequences and not eliminating the root cause. Therefore, at Yarema Dental clinic, we always explain to our patients: it’s necessary to fix the foundation first, and then the house itself.

In such cases, it is worth consulting an orthodontist and orthopedist to normalize the size and position of the jaws, muscle tone, restore the volume of the airways, the position of the tongue, the height of the bite. And only after that, if necessary, to the services of plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, cosmetologists, massage therapists, etc.

The comprehensive elimination of typical signs of facial aging using dental methods is called anti-aging (anti-age) dentistry, which is gaining more and more popularity in Ukraine.

Dentistry – the key to systemic health

Cosmetic medicine uses dental procedures to improve the level of support provided by teeth to the facial structure and make the patient’s smile visually younger.

Depending on the specific case, anti-aging dentistry offers patients a whole range of procedures – from teeth whitening to bite correction. The ultimate goal of such treatment is to rejuvenate the face and improve the appearance and overall systemic health of the patient.
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Most people are not even aware of how many problems can actually be solved with dentistry. In particular, changing the appearance of the jaw, thickening the lips, or even getting rid of fine wrinkles around the mouth. But that’s not all, as the placement of teeth in the oral cavity even affects posture.

For example, crowding of the teeth is the reason for the forced position of the lower jaw and the adaptive placement of the heads of the temporomandibular joints. This can lead to compression of the bilaminar zone. Very often – this is one of the causes of headache.

Also, the more posterior position of the lower jaw reduces the volume of the airways and prompts a person to intuitively tilt their head forward and down to increase airway patency. This causes slouching.

Crowding of teeth also indicates a lack of space for the tongue and its lower position. This almost automatically leads to a double chin. Also, such pathology indicates insufficient development of the upper jaw, the middle third of the face, and the lack of a good bone frame for the muscles and skin of the face, leading to the formation of mimic folds and wrinkles.

Methods of anti-aging dentistry

After conducting a detailed diagnosis and studying the condition of the patient’s oral cavity and his needs, we offer treatment methods and procedures that can be aimed both at improving functionality and enhancing aesthetics and facial rejuvenation, including:

  • installation of porcelain veneers
  • teeth lamination in one visit
  • installation of dental implants
  • installation of crowns and dental bridges
  • correction of the bite with braces systems
  • teeth whitening
  • Digital Smile Design (DSD)

These are not all possible procedures, and an individual treatment plan may include one or several of the methods listed above.

At the same time, there are excessive expectations in society regarding the effect, for example, of “braces”, which are very popular in Ukraine today. Patients believe they work miracles and can save everyone from a double chin, nasolabial folds, etc. But it is necessary to understand that “braces” are not a magic wand. Especially if we talk about using this treatment method in adulthood when a person’s bones, muscles, and ligaments are already fully formed. In such a case, any orthodontic manipulations are possible only within the physiological norm of a specific person.

Quality diagnostics – the key to the success of anti-aging dentistry

It is very important to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis before starting orthodontic treatment, analyze the overall health status of the patient, determine the cause of the problems, normalize muscle tone, stabilize the position of the temporomandibular joints, reproduce and restore movements of the lower jaw that were disturbed, and regulate neuromuscular balance.

Such an approach will allow harmonizing the facial features, restoring the angles of the lower jaw, which smooth out with age and visually add years. It will also add volume to the lips, correct nasolabial folds, lift the double chin, normalize the position of the tongue, straighten posture, improve breathing, and resolve issues with headaches and neck pain.

Rejuvenation using dentistry has been widely applied relatively recently. Therefore, it is also very important to find a truly highly qualified specialist, a doctor-artist, whom you can trust. Because this person will not only correct the bite but also help slow down the aging of your face, thus improving the quality of your life and health.

Contact the highly qualified doctors of Yarema Dental clinic in Kyiv for professional consultation to learn more about the anti-age possibilities of dentistry and determine your individual treatment plan.

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