The initial consultation with a dentist at YAREMA DENTAL Clinic takes about an hour. In an ordinary simple case, this time is enough to draw a treatment plan. During your first visit, we will perform photo diagnostics, microscopic examination of your teeth, X-ray examination and superficial bite analysis. We will determine the periodontal status, study the medical history in detail, and then offer an effective rehabilitation plan.

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Microscopic Examination of Teeth


X-ray Examination


Superficial Occlusal Analysis


Determination of Periodontal Status


Study of Medical History

Before starting treatment, the specialists of our dental clinic in Kyiv need to get to know you and find out the current state of your teeth. The first dental consultation gives YAREMA DENTAL doctors clear vision of the problem to be solved and the treatment plan that will best suit you. This time is for a thorough examination, identifying problems and finding comfortable solutions.

How does the initial dental consultation go?

During your first visit to the YAREMA DENTAL Clinic, our highly qualified specialist will make a photo diagnosis, that is, several pictures of your face and tooth surfaces from different angles. A microscopic examination will also be carried out, during which the doctor can carefully examine the surface of the teeth. The next step, if necessary, is an X-ray examination. The doctor will analyze your bite, examine your gums and teeth to determine your periodontal status. Finally, you will be enquired on drug sensitivities or bad habits that may affect your teeth, your hygiene cleanings regularity, and previous dental procedures.

Treatment plan is the key to the best outcome

The first appointment at Kyiv YAREMA DENTAL Clinic is completed with the preparation of an individual treatment plan. Our specialists will provide you with a detailed «roadmap» of procedures and recommendations for dental care. This will ensure the best result, as well as a healthy and beautiful smile for many years to come. So do not hesitate to contact our specialists for a detailed consultation.

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