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Our Kyiv Dental Clinic, run by Yarema Miklosh, is an example of Sirona (Siemens) technological and engineering standards. The infrastructural quality of the facility is controlled by authorized specialists. YAREMA DENTAL has been chosen as a partner by Swiss Straumann, the world leader among implant manufacturers. Make an appointment
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Kyiv, Antonovycha str. 74,
(LC New York), from the yard

+38 068 479 97 77


About clinic

About clinic

New York, London, Vienna or Kyiv?

In the prestigious YAREMA DENTAL Clinic in Kyiv, you will enjoy equally high level of medical care. The consistent quality of our service and the European medical education of our staff, who are fluent in foreign languages, provide comfortable conditions for both Ukrainian and foreign patients from all over the world.

The first YAREMA DENTAL Clinic abroad will soon be open in Stockholm.

Our team

Every employee of our premium dentistry in Kyiv is a highly qualified specialist in their field.

Teamwork under the leadership of our head doctor, Yarema Miklosh, enables us to provide high-quality treatment to our patients and reward them with natural, perfect smiles.

Yarema Miklosh

Chief Medical Officer, orthopedic doctor

In the era of Chat GPT, Space X, Boston Dynamic YAREMA DENTAL creates a new vision of dental service, using advanced approaches, and guarantees the provision of high-quality services to clients.

Lubomir Glushko

Surgeon, implantologist

We met the best doctor who deals with complicated cases of augmentation and teeth implantation - Lubomir - at the University of Basel. He performed a miracle where two doctors failed to graft bone for implantation. We have been cooperating since then.

Victoria Oliynyk

Periodontal Specialist

Victoria’s key phrase is «Clean teeth do not get sick». A leader in creating a cultural image of the company, she has been working in the clinic since its foundation. Until then, we have also worked together, so our professional trust has been tested over time.

Nazar Boyko

Therapist, orthopedist

Nazar is an exception to the rules. An aesthete, an artist and a doctor in one person. His portfolio shows that he is trying to pick up the truth in the nuances. His motto is: "Every gifted pretty and healthy smile equals to a good deed.

Tetyana Lisova

Dental assistant

She was the first assistant in our team. Everything began with her. Moreover, Tetyana has already become a doctor and will soon be a cool orthodontist :)

Tamara Boyko

Sterilization nurse

Our Fairy of Cleanliness. She flourishes in her working wizardry, gently touching every corner, giving our space a sensation of warmth and immaculacy.

Nadiya Telichenko

Executive director

Nadiya provides comfortable working conditions in the clinic, for which she received the unofficial kind status of «Our Lady Ordnung». Her propensity for purity and attention to detail is the guarantee of quality of our services.

Olha Kukhar

Chief administrator

Born to be independent and prosperous. She is full of creativity, confidence, and keenness to new ideas in her work. Enjoys improving her English and is in charge of our digital marketing.





Do you want to get a dazzling smile like celebrities? Then you should apply for aesthetic dentistry services at YAREMA DENTAL Clinic, where our specialists have developed their own system of creating aesthetics. One can’t deny that all dentistry has an aesthetic function. However, some procedures, such as teeth polishing, professional teeth cleaning, artistic tooth restoration, anti-ageing dentistry or teeth whitening, are more about appearance than functionality.


YAREMA DENTAL doctors perform about 300 dental implants per year. They also have extensive experience in performing complex bone augmentation operations. In our practice, we use only top-quality Swiss Straumann implants. Many years of experience of our specialists, modern materials and equipment, and an individual approach ensure a high level of successful dental implant engraftment - in 98% of cases, and within the second implantation, this figure reaches 99.9%.


With the introduction of the microscope in dental practice, the previously impossible has become achievable. This includes the treatment of acute periodontitis in one visit to our VIP dentistry in Kyiv. If you are bothered by constant nagging pain in your tooth or find it excessively loose, please, contact our professionals immediately for root canal treatment.

Emergency care

If you are faced with such phenomena as massive bleeding, unbearable toothache, swelling or injury to the jaw, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. At YAREMA DENTAL Clinic we offer our patients emergency dental care and the opportunity to make an appointment on the same day.


Regardless of your age, orthodontists at YAREMA DENTAL Clinic in Kyiv will be able to correct your bite and improve the appearance of your smile with braces, retainers, aligners and orthodontic plates. However, you should not postpone such problems "for later", because they are easier to treat at an early age when the jaws are just forming and continue to grow.

Dental veneers

Do you wish to reduce large interdental gaps, make too short teeth longer, increase their size or shape, remove minor irregularities, restore broken or chipped teeth, or even improve your bite? Veneers will help you with all of this. At YAREMA DENTAL we suggest that you consider treatment with ultra-thin Lumineers or direct composite veneers.

Dental prosthetics

The absence or significant damage to a tooth not only worsens the aesthetic appearance of your smile, but also negatively affects your health. The doctors at YAREMA DENTAL Clinic will restore your teeth to their natural appearance and functionality in just two sessions. For tailoring a dental prosthesis, you can choose a ceramic crown, or a zirconium crown made of high-quality materials.

Tooth extraction

Even if your wisdom teeth do not cause you any concern now, it is better to contact our professional surgeons and have them removed to prevent dental problems in the future. Our VIP dentistry specialists have already performed thousands of such operations, so they will remove your tooth quickly and painlessly, even in the most difficult cases.



The initial consultation with a dentist at YAREMA DENTAL Clinic takes about an hour. In an ordinary simple case, this time is enough to draw a treatment plan. During your first visit, we will perform photo diagnostics, microscopic examination of your teeth, X-ray examination and superficial bite analysis. We will determine the periodontal status, study the medical history in detail, and then offer an effective rehabilitation plan.




Microscopic Examination of Teeth


X-ray Examination


Superficial Occlusal Analysis


Determination of Periodontal Status


Study of Medical History

We Create


The YAREMA DENTAL Clinic, located in the heart of Kyiv, meets all European standards of dental practice.

Every day, the clinic's specialists, led by Jarema Miklosh, provide exceptional care for your teeth and help to eliminate any aesthetic defects.

We are experts in curing acute toothache, gum disease, bite pathology as well as treating their causes.

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Story of

Denis D.

I knew from childhood that chewing apples or eating kebabs was not for me. I told everyone that I was a vegetarian and fried marshmallows while hiking with friends. However, thanks to doctors of YAREMA DENTAL, I changed that. Now I eat meat and I no longer have a toothache. I could have only dreamed of it. With the help of experts, everything turned out much easier than I had expected.

Story of

Irina K.

Suffering from acute pain I could not make an appointment with the doctor I had been visiting for five years. I thought I was in trouble. The ache was unbearable and the next day I risked failing my presentation with a pained face. At the right time I remembered YAREMA DENTAL where I had my teeth cleaned. The clinic freed up time for me and helped solve my problem.

Story of

Sonya K.

Sonya K.

I have never liked my facial shape, so I inclined towards plastic surgery despite the risks and complexity of the operation. Fortunately, winter ski resort gave me a meeting with YAREMA DENTAL. I did not believe that this was possible. When I accepted the offer to correct the bite, I only wanted to ease the work for plastic surgeons, but later I gave up the idea of being operated. Such a wonderful transformation happened to me.

Our coffee


Our coffee

Visitors to our Dental Сlinic in Kyiv are offered the most delicious coffee from «One Love Coffee» by Volodymyr Zadyraka, who personally checks the quality and serving every 6 months.

Tasting the most delicious coffee in our VIP dentistry among the paintings of the most prominent Ukrainian artists is a reward for healthy teeth.

Every Wednesday we offer our clinic fans a croissant from the «Bassano» confectionery to go with their coffee.





Kyiv, Antonovycha str. 74,
(LC New York), from the yard



YAREMA DENTAL specialists share their knowledge and long-term experience in solving common dental problems. This section will be of interest to both professionals and our clients who want to learn more about current treatment methods.

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