Kyiv, Antonovycha str. 74 ,

(LC New York), from the yard



All Smile Dimensions

Our clinic is an exemplar of technological and engineering Sirona (Siemens) standards. The control over the quality of infrastructure of the clinic is carried out by authorized specialists. The world leader among implant manufacturers, the Swiss-based Straumann, has chosen us as a partner.
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Kyiv, Antonovycha str. 74 ,
(LC New York), from the yard

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New York, London, Vienna or Kyiv?
You will not feel a significant difference in the level of medical care in our clinic.

Our staff is fluent in foreign languages, providing comfort to customers from other countries. Our clinic provides help where other specialists were not able to assist.

Complicated cases are our profile. We document them and hold conferences involving leading experts, ensuring high standards of treatment.



Every member of our clinic is a highly skilled specialist. Teamwork allows us to heal patients and reward them with natural and perfect smiles. Preventive teeth cleaning, treatment of acute pain, cosmetic dentistry – whatever the reason for your visit of YAREMA DENTAL, our specialists are always happy and ready to help.

Yarema Miklosh

Chief Medical Officer

In the era of Apple, Tesla, Uber and Space X YAREMA DENTAL creates a new vision of dental service, using advanced approaches, and guarantees the provision of high-quality services to clients.

Lubomir Glushko


We met the best doctor who deals with complicated cases of augmentation and teeth implantation – Lubomir – at the University of Basel. He performed a miracle where two doctors failed to graft bone for implantation. We have been cooperating since then.

Olga Kuharska


Olga is an exceptional orthodontist who is improving and upgrading her skills at the University of Vienna. Her professional trick is not to fix the teeth with ligatures after the orthodontic treatment because perfectly balanced teeth do not need it.

Victoria Oliynyk

Periodontal Specialist

Victoria’s key phrase is «Clean teeth do not get sick». A leader in creating a cultural image of the company, she has been working in the clinic since its foundation. Until then, we have also worked together, so our professional trust has been tested over time.

Nadiya Telichenko

Chief Administrator

Nadiya provides comfortable working conditions in the clinic, for which she received the unofficial kind status of «Our Lady Ordnung». Her propensity for purity and attention to detail is the guarantee of quality of our services.



Implantation and Bone Augmentation

In 2019 we performed 267 implantations and bone augmentations, 143 patients used this technology. The integration of implants in our clinic was successful in 97,6% of cases.

Professional Hygiene or Dental SPA

Professional hygiene with the use of elite KaVo products turns a simple procedure into a pleasant SPA for teeth. Our cleaning gives the enjoyment of your smile and removing plaque gives a feeling of lightness. It is quite easy to preserve these by following our recommendations.

Aesthetics or Anti-age Procedures

We solve your aesthetic problems and make whims. These can be veneers, crowns, composite restorations, deep polishing of teeth, change of bite, whitening…Together we will select the optimal solution to restore your psychological comfort.

The Law of Pain

If you suffer from an acute toothache, we can arrange an appointment for you at the same day. The cause of acute toothache can be different. Analgesics eliminate pain without eliminating its causes, so it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible.


Orthodontics is the goddess of the right balance and aesthetics of teeth in the field of dentistry. Thanks to it, you can reshape your teeth, improve the contour of face and posture, get rid of pain in muscles, joints and ears. We have the latest technologies for bite correction.

Root Canals Treatment

With the use of a microscope in dentistry the impossible has become possible. In particular, treatment of acute periodontitis in one visit. Having worked with a microscope since 2008, every day I carry the words of the famous Harry Carr: «You can only cure what you have seen».



The initial consultation lasts about an hour. If you have a simple case, this is enough to develop a treatment plan. During the first visit, we do photodiagnostics, microscopic examination of teeth, X-ray examination, superficial occlusal analysis, determine the periodontal status, study the medical history and then offer you a rehabilitation plan.


Microscopic Examination of Teeth

X-ray Examination

Superficial Occlusal Analysis

Determination of Periodontal Status

Study of Medical History

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YAREMA DENTAL meets European standards of dental practice. Every day we help our clients to eliminate aesthetic flaws, we know everything about acute pain and preventive teeth cleaning. Thanks to modern technologies adopted by the management of the clinic, the qualified staff is provided with everything necessary to solve the most complicated dental problems.



Denis D.

I knew from childhood that chewing apples or eating kebabs was not for me. I told everyone that I was a vegetarian and fried marshmallows while hiking with friends. However, thanks to doctors of YAREMA DENTAL, I changed that. Now I eat meat and I no longer have a toothache. I could have only dreamed of it. With the help of experts, everything turned out much easier than I had expected.

Irina K.

Suffering from acute pain I could not make an appointment with the doctor I had been visiting for five years. I thought I was in trouble. The ache was unbearable and the next day I risked failing my presentation with a pained face. At the right time I remembered YAREMA DENTAL where I had my teeth cleaned. The clinic freed up time for me and helped solve my problem.

Sonya K.

I have never liked my facial shape, so I inclined towards plastic surgery despite the risks and complexity of the operation. Fortunately, winter ski resort gave me a meeting with YAREMA DENTAL. I did not believe that this was possible. When I accepted the offer to correct the bite, I only wanted to ease the work for plastic surgeons, but later I gave up the idea of being operated. Such a wonderful transformation happened to me.



Kyiv, Antonovycha str. 74

(LC New York), from the yard