Professional teeth cleaning is sometimes considered an optional, non-mandatory procedure by patients. After all, we all clean our teeth at home, and some even purchase electric toothbrushes or irrigators to maintain proper oral hygiene. But is this enough for dental health? In most cases, no. To prevent the development of various diseases, in addition to home care, it is necessary to regularly undergo professional teeth cleaning by a dentist.


What is dental hygiene cleaning

This is a set of procedures that allow a dentist to remove plaque and tartar from teeth and under the gums. Professional cleaning prevents the occurrence of cavities, gum diseases, and tooth loss. Here are a few reasons why dental cleaning should be done by a dentist.

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Home care is not as effective as professional care

Maintaining oral hygiene at home is extremely important. However, no matter how thoroughly you clean your teeth and how carefully you use dental floss, it is impossible to completely remove the plaque and tartar that forms in your mouth. Ordinary toothbrushes cannot “break down” hardened tartar. Some teeth are not easily reached with a brush.

Preventing gum diseases

More and more people are facing various forms of gum disease. The early stage of gingivitis can manifest with slight swelling of the gums and bleeding during tooth brushing. This condition can progress into a more dangerous form – periodontitis. It damages the bone, and the patient may lose a tooth.

The main cause of gingivitis is dental plaque that develops due to the proliferation of bacteria in the oral cavity. Professional teeth cleaning helps get rid of the plaque and is effective in preventing gum diseases.

Detecting diseases at an early stage

Dentists not only remove plaque and tartar but also conduct an examination of the oral cavity. This allows them to detect dental problems at an early stage, such as superficial cavities, gum inflammation, and so on. The earlier you learn about such conditions, the easier and safer it is to treat them and avoid complications.

How often should you clean your teeth at the dentist

The American Dental Association recommends visiting the dentist “regularly” to prevent cavities or periodontitis. The standard practice is to have two professional cleanings a year. However, it’s important to maintain an individual approach. Some patients may need to have professional cleaning at the dentist more frequently due to crowding of the teeth or regular consumption of coffee and tea.
At Yarema Dental, you can receive individual consultation and choose the schedule for professional teeth cleaning that suits you best.

Types of professional oral hygiene

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

This is a modern technology that allows for the removal of hard dental deposits using an ultrasonic scaler. The procedure is safe, painless, and helps prevent the development of gingivitis and periodontitis.

Teeth cleaning with Air-Flow technology

Air-Flow, which translates to “airflow,” is a Swiss technology for cleaning teeth. During this procedure, a mixture of water, air, and granules of a specific size is created using pressure. This mixture effectively removes plaque from the surface of teeth and helps remove pigmentation.

Teeth cleaning with professional brushes and pastes

A dentist can also clean teeth using special brushes and abrasive pastes. This method allows for the effective removal of dental plaque.

The professionals at Yarema Dental Clinic will be happy to provide you with a detailed consultation regarding dental cleaning and offer the optimal solution for your case.

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