In our practice, we exclusively use high-quality Swiss Straumann implants (hereinafter “Straumann”). They have been specially developed by Straumann Holding AG for immediate protocol procedures. However, the Straumann system is universal, allowing clinicians to use it according to their needs – it is just as effective in standard implantation and prosthetics.

The creators of the Straumann system and the “dynamic bone control” concept strived to increase the predictability of treatment for the successful application of immediate protocols in everyday clinical practice, regardless of the bone tissue type.

Straumann products combine Swiss quality and precision, innovative technologies, and solutions based on extensive scientific research.

A single type of connection and narrow contours of orthopedic components simplify achieving aesthetic treatment results. Due to the effectiveness and reliability of the Straumann system, a high level of successful dental implant integration is ensured – in 98% of cases, and for secondary implantation, this figure reaches 99.9%.

Here are a few facts about this system:

  • Dynamic Control. The thoughtful design of the implant ensures high stability during immediate implantation, regardless of bone type.
  • Aesthetic Treatment Results. A wide and yet thoughtful assortment of orthopedic components with a universal connection and narrow contours.
  • Confidence in the Result. Swiss precision and quality, as well as the proven effectiveness of Roxolid® material and SLActive® surface.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these facts.

Dynamic Control of Implant Installation

Dynamic control is achieved through the presence of a chip-removing groove along the entire length of the implant. It collects, compacts, and redistributes native bone chips along the body of the implant. Also, the reduced diameter of the implant neck lowers the pressure on the cortical bone and simplifies the subcrestal installation of the Straumann implant.

The thickness of its threading gradually decreases, and the width* (distance from the “body of the implant” to the outer edge of the threading) increases towards the apex of the implant for achieving high primary stability and effective insertion of the implant into the prepared site in the bone (socket). It also helps to adjust its position and inclination for reliable cutting action control during both direct and reverse rotations.

Straumann implants have a fully conical shape and a narrow body, making them perfectly suitable for narrow osteotomic openings. The threading of the implant ends directly at the apex, so a large surface area helps to achieve high primary stability of the implant.
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Aesthetic Treatment Results

A broad and well-thought-out lineup of components, a single universal connection, and narrow contours of Straumann implant orthopedic components facilitate the restoration of dental aesthetics.

The concept of identical gingival contours, used in Straumann systems, eases manipulations with soft tissues. And the new design of abutments for screw fixation creates optimal conditions for preserving the volume of soft tissues.

Moreover, the universal line of orthopedic components, compatible with implants of any diameter, simplifies the orthopedic stage of treatment.

Each Straumann implant, regardless of its diameter, features the new TorcFit™ connection. The abutment screw can only be tightened after it correctly enters the implant connection. Thus, there is no longer a need for an X-ray to control the seating of the abutment.

The hermetic and stable connection, even when using small diameter implants, significantly lowers the risk of bacterial colonization.

Innovations as a Guarantee of Reliability

The Straumann system represents Swiss quality and innovative technologies based on the results of extensive research. The implants are designed in a way to consistently achieve predictable results.
In particular, the innovative material Roxolid® allows for reducing the invasiveness of treatment by installing implants of smaller diameter. This in turn:

  • Preserves bone and blood supply of the tissues
  • Reduces the invasiveness of bone grafting
  • Provides broader treatment options in complex anatomical cases and narrow areas of edentulism

The SLActive® surface with proven clinical effectiveness ensures confidence in the effectiveness of treatment, specifically providing:

  • Reduction of the healing period from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks for any indications.
  • 10-year implant survival rate reaches 98.2% when using the immediate loading protocol.
  • Accelerated bone regeneration in the areas of defects.
  • 100% implant survival after 5 years of their installation in patients who have undergone radiation therapy.

These are just some of the interesting facts about the state-of-the-art Straumann system that we offer to our patients at Yarema Dental in Kyiv. To learn more, contact our specialists for an initial consultation. We provide a personalized approach and guarantee the desired result.

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