Teeth whitening is perhaps one of the most popular procedures in modern dentistry. We talk about the benefits and risks of teeth whitening, how the procedure is performed at Yarema Dental Clinic in Kyiv, and whether everyone should whiten their teeth.

Advantages of Teeth Whitening

Every year, many patients turn to teeth whitening. Here are some of the advantages provided by this procedure:

  • Brilliant appearance. Teeth whitening makes your smiles bright and charming.
  • Non-invasiveness. Teeth whitening is a straightforward and non-invasive procedure that does not require the removal of tooth enamel or surgical intervention.
  • Wide choice of methods. From home whitening kits to professional dental procedures, modern teeth whitening methods are very diverse.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Any medical procedure has certain risks, but modern teeth whitening is a safe and effective procedure. However, there can be some side effects. This includes increased tooth sensitivity, possible gum inflammation after the procedure, or enamel damage due to unprofessional actions by the dentist.

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It’s also important to consider the following aspects of teeth whitening:

  • The result depends on the initial color of the teeth. Some stains may be difficult or impossible to remove.
  • Temporary effect. Over time, the effect of the procedure may fade, and teeth whitening may need to be done again.
  • Cost. Professional teeth whitening at a dentist’s office can be expensive, and it is usually not covered by medical insurance.
  • Effort. For the desired effect, you need to visit the dentist or put in extra effort and maintain discipline when doing at-home whitening.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Individualized approach is one of the main features of the work of specialists at Yarema Dental. First, the dentist will examine your teeth and create a treatment plan tailored to you. Sometimes, a professional teeth cleaning may be enough to achieve a bright smile by removing dental plaque and stains. For more noticeable results, the dentist may suggest professional teeth whitening. Overall, there are many methods to achieve the desired outcome:

  1. Professional whitening: The dentist uses special high-concentration agents activated by a lamp or laser. This method allows for faster results but may also increase the risk of tooth sensitivity.
  2. At-home whitening: Special gels, strips, or trays are used, which are applied to the teeth. They contain a lower concentration of the whitening agent, so they require longer use. Some strips and trays have a higher content of the whitening substance and are prescribed by the dentist.
  3. Combined whitening: Dentists sometimes recommend combining in-office procedures with the use of whitening strips or gels at home.
  4. Internal whitening: This method is used during root canal treatment when a whitening agent is placed inside the tooth.
  5. Tooth crowns or veneers: In some cases, it may not be possible to whiten teeth with professional products. In such cases, the dentist may recommend covering the teeth with white crowns or veneers.

How to Maintain Tooth Color

At Yarema Dental Clinic in Kyiv, we are always ready to make your smiles snow-white. To maintain the results you’ve achieved, it’s necessary to follow these recommendations:

  • Pay attention to what you eat and drink. Tea, coffee, red wine, sweet sodas, berries, or highly pigmented vegetables can change the color of your teeth. We recommend avoiding such products and drinks in the first day or two after professional cleaning and teeth whitening procedures.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day, use dental floss, an irrigator, and interdental brushes.
  • Quit smoking. This will help you not only maintain the whiteness of your teeth but also protect your heart from potential smoking-related illnesses.
  • Visit your dentist for professional cleanings at least twice a year.

These simple tips will allow you to proudly display your smile and feel confident in any life situation. If you are interested in teeth whitening, please contact the specialists at Yarema Dental Clinic in Kyiv for a professional consultation.

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